Pants: TopMan, Shirt: Homme Femme LA, Boots: Doc’s 

Tyric, 22, New York City 




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I’ve noticed that people have been posting this photo a lot without my permission or without crediting the source— please signal boost this so people know where it comes from! You can buy prints of this photo at Society 6! And the model is my friend Kara Lyne Szabadi who makes awesome jewelry and also models!


The Bat Family // artwork by Marcio Takara (2012)

1º Updated 17/05/2012. 2º Update 25/11/2012


+ [4-6-14] - Zzz. // captured by Kadeem L. Riley.

Someone tagged me in a “20 facts about self” bit on Instagram. I obliged & thought it’d be cool to copy and paste my top 9/switched things around a bit. (((:

1.) I’m Nigerian. Though I think a lot of you may have deduced that. (:
2.) I keep to myself for the most part.
3.) Not keen on speaking just to speak. Sort of an extension of my stance on self-preservation.
4.) I appear to take myself incredibly seriously though I am a joker by nature.
5.) One of my passions is caring for those I Love dearly. It is almost an Art form for me.
6.) Speaking of Art, mine is a consequence of my obsessions; whether literal or abstract.
7.) I learned how to braid from a dream. (I love telling this story as it corresponds with my infatuation with the subconscious mind. 😬)
8.) I have conducted a self-shoot in almost every weather condition.
9.) I am immediately enamoured with those who work actively on their commitment to self-growth and self-fulfilment.